While you were watching your DVD’s of last year’s DCI World Championships and getting psyched for the upcoming drum corps season, there were a number of local people hard at work planning for your experience this summer.

The Drums Along The Columbia Committee have meetings regularly during the 6 – 8 months prior to our local show, in order to start planning for what is expected to be the biggest and best drum corps show in the Pacific Northwest this summer.

The people on this committee are local band directors, band booster club parents, design and marketing consultants, and local musicians – many of whom have spent a summer doing drum corps themselves, benefiting from the many life lessons and experiences it has to offer.

The focus of the Drums Along The Columbia Committee is to coordinate the many aspects that go into production of the show, from logistics and corps communications to ticket sales, media campaigns, concessions, and more.

However, the overall goal is threefold: first and foremost, we want to raise funds for our local school music programs; second, we want to spread the word about the benefits and opportunities that drum corps has to offer; and finally, we want to offer an entertainment opportunity like no other to the people of Eastern Washington, Northeast Oregon, and Northwestern Idaho.